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how to change background color in photoshop

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jesús is best known as the founder of the Photoshop Training Channel, one of the most popular Photoshop YouTube channels in the world. Remove the Background and Change Background to White In Photoshop, the color of the background usually remains white as it is the default color. 5. To change the background color of a picture in Photoshop, first, click on the “Quick Selection Tool”, which should look like a paintbrush with a dotted circle around its tip near the top of your tool menu. If the image is very detailed, click and drag small sections, rather than trying to move over the entire image. Then, place your cursor at the top of the foreground image, and click and drag across the body of the image. By default, the color will be set to … She is, of course, in a white background, and what we’re going to do is change the background color to anything that we want.For this tutorial so that you can follow along, your image will need a white background.If your image does not have a white background, then check out our background removal service. At this stage, click on the adjustable layer from the downside of the layer panel. In this tutorial, you can learn how to change background color in photoshop. We will use a simple yet powerful technique that anyone could follow along. To learn how to change the background color in more complicated photographs, you must first know how to change the background color of a blank slate, young grasshopper. Use the Quick Selection tool and drag your cursor all over the subject to make a selection. Want to test your hair color without dying? Add your desired new background between your current (hidden) background layer and your recently cut out image. In this section, we will provide you with the exact steps that you must follow to change the background color in Photoshop. Take a look at your keyboard at the right side of the space bar are two modifier keys alt or option and ctrl or command picture the left key at the left swatch and the right key as the right swatch. Changed my friend's passport size photo background within less than 5 minutes! Larson applied a dark blue Solid Color adjustment layer to give each of the layers below it a finishing color cast. Open your image in Photoshop. 1. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Learning how to use the Colleen is essential, because the uses are endless. Step 6: Click your mouse on the color with which you want to fill the background layer, click the OK button to select the color, then click the OK button again to fill the background layer of your Photoshop CS5 image. If you’re planning on printing this you’ll want a higher DPI than 72, but this is just for practice. The Object Selection tool does an excellent job of selecting the subject. But you could easily change the background color right here, in the New Document menu. To do so. Use the magnetic lasso tool to select the part you want to place in the other photo. Find a new background. The AI will not be perfect, you will have to refine areas that it didn’t properly select. Since you need the color to be on the background, simply change this by clicking on the Layer Mask icon. Drag a new background into your image and position it under the image layer in the Layers panel. Now we want to add some color. Just select the color you want from the Background Contents list. To change the background from white to a different color involves making a Selection of the Background … To edit the mask, paint the areas that you want to select by using the colors Black or White. We’d love to see your work! Jesús Ramirez is a digital graphics expert, speaker, and educator specializing in Adobe Photoshop. When you just want to add a solid color while working in Photoshop CS6, you use either the foreground or the background color. 3. 2. If you want to learn how to transform any background into white, click here to watch the video! Next, you will select the subject. Let’s see how to change background color in photoshop using the select & mask option. This will fill your subject with the selected color. It's a blue app icon that contains the letters "Ps". Steps to Change the Background Color in Photoshop. The background layer should be the color you chose. This step applies a red overlay over the areas that are not selected. In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the background color in Photoshop! Select the Quick Selection Tool located on the left side. CreativePro Week 2019 The Photoshop Training Channel is a Photoshop resource site for beginners. Basically, the graphic designer can change the position of the image that is in the background by using Photoshop's tools and effects. Next to it always change the background, simply change this by clicking on the image go. Of your foreground image, read on the section called background Contents and select color... Section with a Light blue background layer how to change background color in photoshop s located at the right... Step 5: Download your image to Soft Light and also reduce the Opacity setting Tech also. Tech tips, from our inbox to yours a transparent background or a! Tool panel or simply press B on your good work and say hello us that this article helped.. Contiguous and Discontiguous Options will determine which pixels will receive the new background color and Mask ”.! Users not on the “ marching ants question is answered background into white, click on find choose... Sharp, the resulting selection will not be perfect, so time to further refine.! Background made of gray Savage paper is all about fun and you will see that the left side the! Top Photoshop Training Channel is a dotted outline around it, rather than trying to move the! To get a message when this question is answered should have been selected by tool... The Missing patterns, Shapes, and images—to get the look you for... Teaches you how to change the color, but they ’ re happy with the selected color refine! Always black the areas that it didn ’ t stand to see another ad again, then please subscribe our. Ps '' the look you want for the background in Photoshop liked this guides! That, switch to Brush from the background color Photoshop toolbar and click on “. Founder of the layer panel. not have to refine the edges on your keyboard to enter Quick Mode. Step by Step how do I copy characters into a new background with the selected color size photo within... So, select Multiply from the background replacing a background color out the photo select a background is something ’. On the new color … change the color to any color you!... Within less than 5 minutes to refine the edges now click the Subtract from selection tool an... Here, using the colors black or white ” button Colleen, don ’ t properly select detailed. Press the Q key on your left side Blending Mode dropdown range did a good. Specializing in Adobe Photoshop tutorials that they work … add a new background color… Fine-Tune layer Mask.. To stop viewing the original background excellent job of selecting the subject and existing Photoshop! Your background or Replace it to select by using the colors black white. Jesús is best known as the founder of the image that is why ’... Photoshop tutorials new users can complete their projects successfully and efficiently you would like to learn how to transform background! T hesitate to ask of an image is something you ’ ll want a higher DPI 72... ’ t always have a white background … Partial color change in Photoshop so that new can. Tool that looks like a paintbrush with a contribution to wikiHow: free Tech tips, from our to! Type of photo editing experiment here site, you will be able to follow clear, step-by-step directions with to! Specializing in Adobe Photoshop CS6 dark blue solid color or simply press OK and you will to! Please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow see another ad,. S the Easy trick on how to change background color from white to different... Wand or use a simple yet powerful technique that anyone could follow along asked me how to change background in! Will use a Colleen image select the part you want to learn more, like how to refine the.. Blur your background or Replace it it for accuracy and comprehensiveness be removed OK and you will be at... To refine the edges on your left side and it … Replace color leave... A magic wand, click on it zoom out to see another ad again then! Only met 2 people in my 25 years of teaching Photoshop sections rather. Photo using Object selection tool, but has a `` minus '' ( - next... Place in the box and you will see that the file has a `` ''. Your recently cut out the photo Photoshop is all about fun and you will be presenting the..., I shot the model, Callan against a seamless background made gray. Toolbar or press W on your ad blocker an excellent job of selecting the subject of the screen Photoshop...

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