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how to tell if a composite bat is cracked

Let’s enjoy the blog. The only bat I've seen fail without much of a sign (other than a very odd looking foul ball the previous swing) was an MV3 that snapped at the handle. History. Most bats sharktooth before they blow up. There is only a matter of time before your bat goes completely dead. The second picture is a 2012 ASA Easton Salvo. The bat swings heavier (a drop 9) and is made of an aluminum barrel. If so, watch and learn how to break it in properly from a two-time All-American. Do not use in temperatures below ° (16° C). Now, if you know that your bat is fully broken in but the pop is starting to decline then your bat may be dead or well on its way. If you notice this happening and you're covered by a warranty, get it replaced immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience, but something went wrong with this page. Usually, a small piece has fallen off and is rattling around inside of your barrel. Without a proper grip, the barrel would have to take huge pressure and it results in faulty bats. You can try reloading the page by clicking here. Yellow rubber batting cage balls are bad. Spider web is a type of crack. Your email address will not be published. Best Baseball Glove for 4 Year Old – 2020. The best way to make sure your bat stays in the best possible shape for the longest amount of time possible and that it does not go dead on you is with preventative care. Here at. Or, if If you are still unsure as to whether or not your bat is dead, even after reading this article and answering the following Your fastpitch softball bat will most likely be your biggest single expense in the softball season. The team at JustBats does not necessarily recommend using this method because it is never a good idea to hit your knob on the ground. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sometimes, you'll even notice that a composite bat can change sounds over time as it starts to break-in. All it would take is one $850 compression tester. If over time your bat … a player has his teammates, coaches, and parents chirping in his ear that his bat may be dead, he or she is going to assume that it is dead. Paint falling off the barrel does not mean your bat is dead. Please upgrade to a supported browser: Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat. However, proper caring and usage can provide enough longevity and durability of a composite bat. Do not store the bat in extreme hot or cold temperatures, such as in a car trunk or garage. Related: How to Size Baseball Bat for Youth. It is for maple wood bats only. Depending on how many layers of the bat the crack is in will determine if performace will be lost. Lots of experienced players and hitters already knew this. To go deeper into the topic, first, we have to know the details about a composite bat. So it is obvious that a composite bat will no longer sustain for long. Most of the cases they could not hit in the sweet spot and blame the bat’s performance. Pure carbon fiber technology is better than wooden stuff. A Freak Black will sound very pingy for a while. 010 Login to reply the answersPost Sometimes the smallest of cracks can have a huge negative impact or none at all. Your email address will not be published. Use electrical tape to repair any crack to the handle of the bat. Most bats are falsely accused of being However, most aluminum bats do not require a break-in period and are hot straight out of the wrapper.To break in your composite bat, the process is almost effortless and should take no more than one hour. In rare occasions, the connection piece may fail, and you will notice the handle starting to creep up into the barrel. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However, you can prevent a composite bat from breaking so quickly if follow the later steps. How to Tell if a Composite Bat is Broken? Due to the construction, you will not see cracks or fractures of any kind. One of the most common questions that our Bat Experts receive is, "How do I know if my bat is dead?" A league umpire or administrator should have access to at least one compression tester. Baseball is very much a mental sport. Keep in mind that all. So, we're going This is one of the more personal ways to tell if your bat has officially died on you. Composite bats are more likely carbon fiber technology-based bats and recently trending. Remember, we're here for you from click to hit! On the other hand, look closely for hairline fractures, stress cracks, or spiral fractures. Many composite bats are marked around the diameter so you know exactly how much to turn the bat. If a bat is dead, it should make a dull thud sound. This tends to be a sign of the composite material being fully broken in and at it's peak performance. Keep in mind that it is difficult to determine if a bat is dead or not without actually using it, seeing it, or listening to the sound it makes on contact with a ball. Related: What is The Best High School Baseball Bat? Wooden bats need more furnishing than composite ones. At, we receive a lot of questions about baseball bats and softball bats. Diffusion process of resin into fiber sheets. For a hard hitter, vibration and swings are necessary. The concept is very simple as the expert’s saying- get a new one ASAP. How to Check a Composite Bat if Broken Most hitters face problems of hitting with a broken-bat. If a composite bat only has so many hits inside of it, manufacturing a number of hits on the bat through rolling will lower the amount of hits before the bats life ends. While if a bat is not dead, it should make a normal, high-pitched ping. You see some cracks on it or totally broken. and a rattle should be covered by your manufacturer's warranty (if you're within the time period). This junction randomly gets faulty or broken due to hit, moisture, excess heat. These testers will determine if your bat is legal Once cracked the bat may no longer have the longevity it once did, but it should still be able to hit the ball nearly as far and as hard as an undamaged bat. But, a rattle also does not usually have a negative impact on the overall performance dead and are just not being hit in the sweet spot. Unfortunately, it takes 300-500 hits before a bat is fully broken-in, and many players are not willing to wait that long before bringing their composite bat to its full potential. sound different from each other and there are no two bats that sound alike. We have even heard of the tried and true method of holding your bat by the barrel and tapping the knob on the ground. The older kids do not use hot bats because NCAA cracked down on them. It is totally prohibited to use a composite. Probably important to know what kind of Freak. Performance is the key feature of a baseball bat whether wooden or metal ones. Obviously, it is not recommended to use a broken-bat for baseball leagues and in-field games. If you see any, the lifespan of the bat is over. While if a bat is not dead, it should make a normal, high-pitched ping. use power tools to drill many holes through the barrel of the bat then take some kind of wedge to pry open the holes. It is not pretty but shouldn't effect performance. Finishing tasks like spray, end cap fixing, grip, weight adjustments, etc. Sometimes manufacturers wrap duplicate sheets and thus the durability decreases much. Or What does bat shaving mean? PGF has their head up their butt on this one. If a bat is dead, it should make a dull thud sound. Unfortunately, most bats do lose their pop in time with enough use. That is all part of hitting a hard object with another solid object. Handle-barrel junction is important to look at. that are broken down, the greater the trampoline effect and bigger the bounce off the bat is. Now, if you have broken in your bat, experienced it at full power, and are now noticing a huge decline in ball flight on contact, you may have a legitimate cause for concern. If you are positive that your bat is dead, let's get the warranty replacement process started as soon as possible. Likewise, using heat resistive environment for a composite bat is highly suggested. Easton's Bat Warranty Claim . Keep your bat out of extreme hot or cold temperature areas such as the trunk of your car. For those slow pitch softball fans out there, this is one of the best ways to tell if your bat is dead. Do your hands sting every time you hit a ball on the sweet spot? Try not to share your bat with every teammate. On the other hand, look closely for hairline fractures, stress cracks, On the contrary, a contact hitter needs lightweight bats as well. Usually, the people assume the bat dead when they hear the difference in the sound of the bat. It swings well and no vibration while hitting hard. Once a knob has fallen off, or an end cap has popped out, it is next to impossible to re-apply these pieces and get your bat back to its original state. This procedure should be performed gradually to ensure the bat is broken-in properly. We have even heard of the tried and true method of holding your bat by the barrel and tapping the knob on the ground. Most of us remember the admonition to “make certain the trademark is up” to reduce the chances of a broken or cracked bat because of … The first thing to address after purchasing a new baseball or softball bat is whether you actually need to break it in. or spiral fractures. I'm assuming that the cracked bat has had it and that I need to replace it. Say, Rawlings pro composite bats are better than Marucci composite bats. How to tell if your composite bat is dead, broken, or cracked. A rattle tends to be the epoxy glue that holds your A composite bat is mostly played in a baseball or softball game. According to structural aspects, a composite bat is opposite to metal bats like aluminum or alloy. Sturdy and classy structure, innovative skills development, and computerized manufacturing made these bats user-friendly and adorable. For composite bats: If you see a massive crack that has split your composite bat in half, then there's a great chance it is dead. Have you heard why kids need new bats even if they got a new one last year? Miken responded in 2002 by developing their own composite softball bat. Show up, test a few bats, remove them from the game. Don't let paint chips fool you. Identify the source of the crack, such as one in the handle, on the end of the bat or in the barrel of the bat. Here at, we recommend about 150-200 swings off of a tee or by hand toss with a quarter rotation after each swing. When a player uses a brand new, stiff bat, a hit ball does not travel as far as a bat that has been broken in and has more bend to it. For others, it will simply lose its pop. No stresses at all and easy to do steps. Composite bats are manufactured using carbon fiber. What is bat shaving? . This is not a recommended practice as it is bound to fall back out quickly and the bat will perform at a decreased level. If you are hitting the ball on the handle or off the end cap, most bats will perform as if it were dead but that does not mean that it is. 2 0. jpmason. Keep a composite bat in a dry, cool place for enough durability. performance of composite bats improves as they are broken. Welcome to the Easton Customer Service Center. A customer returned this bat to us, insisting it was broken and “finished” because it had a 1 inch surface crack. Have you heard why kids need new bats even if they got a new one last year? Aluminum Bats: Limit the bat to your individual use only. For some composite bats such the death will come in a crack or break of the bat. If it is not smooth and you notice an indentation, this will have a negative impact on the performance Then, once you have completed those initial 150+ swings, hopefully, the barrel of your composite bat should be broken in. 1. that your bat gets tested before use. If it does, this doesn't always mean that your bat is dead. Until NCAA crack down, everyone was using them. Both games are outdoor games and the most exciting game ever in the USA. How to Tell if a Composite Bat is Broken? Cracking in the paint layer is sometimes refered to as spider webbing. Top brand products and manufacturers all over the USA who produce these bats every year with updated versions. © 2000-2020 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. A rolled bat has had all the composite material broken in across the bat evenly as a result of the bat rollers consistent points of pressure. Now, if you are certain that you're drilling the sweet spot during each at bat yet still experience serious sting in the hands, your bat may be on a downward decline towards death. Avoid using your bat in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Check barrels occasionally before and after a baseball game. Use regulation baseballs and softballs only. Grips should be well tapered and branded. You may also shoot them an email with pictures at or click here to live chat. As the bats are squeezed or shaved, the fibers of the composite material become weaker so the bat has more give and will send the ball farther into the field. If you hold it by the sweet spot, and hit the knob on the grass, it will make a less solid sound than with one that isn't cracked. If you hear a rattle, then something is broken. Now, if you are certain that you're drilling the sweet spot during each at bat yet still experience serious sting in the hands, your bat may be on a downward decline towards death. Smart manufacturers updated these bats with polymer carbon fiber that made it stiffer, rigid, and solid. Some players can be in the middle of a bad hitting slump, feel some painful negative feedback, and then immediately declare that their bat is dead. Before purchasing any product, you need some guidelines and we assure that assistance. Aluminum alloy bats dent. The more solid paint, the more durable it is. Break it in, use it in batting practice, and then use it in practice before jumping to conclusions. To ease your mind, we're going to answer this question and outline the best way to determine whether or not it's time for a new bat. One of the most common questions that our Bat Experts receive is, "How do I know if my bat is dead?" The cosmetics falling off of your bat is typical with normal use. You’ll need to hit 100 to 150 baseballs to correctly break in the bat (baseballs not batting cage balls). Keep in mind that all bats and may be the beginning of your bat going dead. Composite bats crack. For many of the same reasons we like the Beast X Hybrid in baseball, we like the Rocketech in fastpitch. If you see a "spider web," this is a good thing in most cases. link to How to tell if your composite bat is dead, broken, or cracked. Best Fastpitch Cold Weather Bat. Don’t use lubricants or oil on composite bats. We recommend DeMarini, Marucci, Louisville Slugger and their sister concerns, Axebats, etc.

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